The Company

ZMI Pty Ltd is founded by the developer of ZoneMaintenance, Equipment Management International P/L (EMI) which both are based out of Burnie Tasmania. EMI have been operating successfully since January 2005.

During this time we have embarked on a number of projects and supporting roles for Mining Clients;

  • Fleet strategy development   
  • Mine expansion strategy development
  • Mine closure strategy development
  • Fleet selection and disposal
  • Workshop and office design
  • Maintenance management reviews
  • Equipment specification documentation
  • Life cycle costing reviews
  • Budget development and reviews

With this experience we recognised the need for our clients to become competitive mining operations and needed to change what they have been doing for years. Our experience in mining operations comes through time as EMI and through previous positions within the Contract Mining sector and with the Caterpillar Dealership in WA. We have visited and worked on some of the best and worst sites in Australia and overseas.

In May 2010, ZMi PTY LTD was introduced with the direct focus of implementing and developing ZoneMaintenance for mobile equipment within mining industry and have since developed more software to broaden the market opportunities.

In October 2011 we released RouteMaintenance Software which is focused on fixed plant maintenance and safety inspections. This product is suitable for many different industries

  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Power generation
  • Large scale manufacturing

We have employed new staff with experience in fixed plant maintenance operations in mining, construction and oil and gas. With this experience we can offer a broader range of experiences to our clients.

Our range of innovative products have come through from many years of experience within the industry and listening to clients issues and needs. ZoneMaintenance come from a General Manager wanting to do servicing to mobile equipment better and quicker but not sure how to achieve this. We presented the idea and made it work. Since, we have then developed into designing software which follows our methods and processes which appeal to Maintenance Managers because it meets their needs and expectations.

RouteMaintenance was identified during the development of the ZoneMaintenance software. It became clear that what we had developed would be suitable for any type of inspection/audit type process. The features built within ZoneMaintenance software were unique but filled a gap in what was currently available in mobility type maintenance programs.

The software designed is very different to anything on the market today and there are features which are only found within our software because it flows with the process clients understand and use. We defined the process first, built the software to met the process and identified with the hardware options available to come up with the best and most suitable package.

From this we see that opportunities within other industries could benefit from the ideas we have developed. Rail and PortMaintenance Software is being designed to support these different industries. Periodic inspections from a maintenance or safety perspective can be developed using either of these software packages. Each industry and client may use different terminology, which can be changed within the software, but in general the processes are much the same.

In September 2012, ZMi will release their new product called EquipmentStatus (TM). This exciting new product is designed with the same standard and quality as our other successful software products.

EquipmentStatus Software is focused on asset inspections and commissioning, especially the MDG15 Compliance Inspection for the NSW mining industry. Perform in the field inspections of your mobile equipment before they arrive on site to ensure that they meet your site specifications and expectations.

EquipmentStatus is also suited to inspections of components in your supplier repair centers. Eliminate paperwork and time back in the office generating a report when it can be completed in the field and emailed before you leave the site. The system updates back to the network ready for others to view and manage. Contact us to find out more of what we have to offer. 

August 2013 saw the release of SafetyStatus Software. Focused towards safe and efficient safety audits, in the field, electronically. Taking the experience and knowledge we have developed with the maintenance based applications and applying this to safety. SafetyStatus offers a new method and system to businesses wanting to improve their internal auditing and inspection processes, electronically. Eliminating the wasted time and effort in performing compliance checks and speeding up the reporting responsibilities. 30-40% improvement over the overall process is not unexpected.

Our Mission
To eliminate the waste within the servicing and inspections of fixed and mobile equipment and to deliver massive savings to the client. Savings in time, effort and money.

Our Purpose
Is to provide the client a system and methods to return the asset back to production quickly and effectively without compromising Quality and Safety.  It is not about speed but quality of service, performed safely and efficiently.

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