Our Belief

To eliminate the wasted time and effort in the servicing and inspection process of any area/market/function.

We believe that the current practices and methodology in performing field audits, inspections and servicing of equipment/plant is poorly executed from a safety, quality and efficiency point of view.

The existing processes and material, is not designed to consider the flow of one task to the next. Nor are they communicating the right message to ensure that the user has a complete understanding and expectation of what is to be done, how to do it, why and what are the risks. Nor do they provide information relating to the tools required, the parts or permits needed to complete the task. It is either assumed or not recognised as important from the original designers point of view.

But from a person executing the task assigned, the pre-planned information relating to the task at hand becomes of great value. Realising that a tool, part or permit is required and not provided or prepared earlier, is wasted time and effort. If the user is unaware of the potential hazards involved and the right controls required to be put in place, then the level of performing the task safely, to policy compliance, increases the risk to the user, when not provided.

We may have all experienced the frustration of being assigned a task/job which lacked planning and structure. The realisation that the material provided is lacking clarity and relationship to the area adds to the frustration and affects attitude going into the job. It's typically generic and lacks credibility.

We Offer

A system and a method, with the correct content, where the user (Inspector/Auditor) is at the forefront of the design that considers their safety, efficiency and provides the knowledge that they have completed a quality job, of great value and purpose.

A system and method which offers confidence in what they have done is effective, for the right reasons and that the person whom designed the content had them in mind. Was thinking on their behalf.

It's not about the tool or technology, these are the enablers, its about the design of the audit/inspection material. It's about the flow of the content, the communication of what is required of them. It's eliminating the frustrations and encourages a purpose to perform at a higher level and give it the respect it deserves.


  • It make sense to do better
  • Because it needs to be done right
  • To add respect 
We need to address the frustrations of the users, the Auditors, Inspectors and Service people, assigned to the jobs and tasks. We need to provide them with information which makes sense, which is correct and add respect and consideration of what has been asked of them.

This is what we do...

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